Power Operational Amplifiers

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The power operational amplifiers operate at (combinations of) high voltage, high current, or high speed. The power op-amp solutions support up to 2,500V supply voltage and 100A peak output current. Besides high current and high voltage, high speed amplifiers with slew rates up to 3,000V/μs are also available. Apex’s power op-amps are linear, class A/B amplifiers, some of which have a pin to put them in class B mode for lower quiescent current consumption at the expense of more cross-over distortion.

Hybrid power operational amplifiers products provide leading edge characteristics, either in terms of power output, supply voltage or speed. They are used in the most demanding applications. The option of a hermetically sealed package allows the use of the devices in applications where high reliability and robust performance are key design considerations. Open Frame power operational amplifiers products offer the ability to add digital and custom features to a platform that provides excellent heat dissipation capabilities. Monolithic IC power operational amplifiers or power ICs are the lowest cost product options, but are limited in terms of output current and supply voltage. However, these amplifiers can still operate in the 350V range.

Packages vary from very small PSOP and TO-220, to the Power SIP packages that are also used to house some of the hybrid amplifiers. Last, but not least, Apex Microtechnology amplifier systems combine power operational amplifiers with digital functionality, providing high feature content on a small footprint, such as inkjet printhead amplifiers, inkjet printhead drivers or multi-channel voltage and current sources.

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