Mating sockets

Many of the operational amplifiers are through-hole components and in most occasions cases these are soldered to the a PCB.

If you want more flexibility is required in the assembly and/or replacement of amplifiers, we offer several types of Mating Sockets are being offered. These make it possible that amplifiers can be easily placed easily and exchanged without requiring any (de-)soldering is required.

In addition to allowing amplifiers to be (re)placed without (de-)soldering (and potentially causing PCB damage), cage jacks (single pin receptacles) and mating sockets prevent solder joint stress when the amplifier/heatsink assembly is rigidly fastened to the PC board and is subjected to wide temperature variations.

Cage jacks are inserted and soldered into PC boards for each individual pin of an amplifier. Other mating sockets can be inserted into a PCB, but also have turret terminals for direct wiring.

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