Payment methods

TOP-electronics and payment service provider MultiSafePay are handling your payment through our webshop.
We offer a wide range of national and international payment methods, from wire transfer, PayPal to VISA and Amex.
After we have received your payment, we will try to expedite delivery to you as much as possible. Please note that a payment through wire transfer will take a little while longer.
Additional charges
For purchase orders less then € 200,-- we charge additional € 25,-- order costs.
When applicable to your order the additional cost of € 25,-- is included in the shipping cost.
Orders in the dollar currency ($) are converted from euros to dollars at the then applicable exchange rate.

Payment cost
Extra cost for the use of creditcards or PayPal is separately mentioned at the invoice.
Non-EU countries
In non-EU countries there are additional costs because of customs administration costs, these costs are included in the shippingcost.

* extra invoice for TPT - Transaction Privilege Tax / Sales Tax - Arizona, USA
For the state Arizona in the Americas we are obliged to add 8.3 % TPT - Transaction Privilege Tax - to our customers over the products bought.
The TPT is commonly referred to as a sales tax. You will receive an extra invoice for this TPT. More TPT information

If there are any questions, please let us know via