The power operational amplifiers in this section come in different varieties in terms of voltage, current, slew-rate and package styles.

Apex Microtechnology offers amplifiers for supply voltages up to 2500V, output currents up to 50A and slew rates up to 3000V/µs.

The amplifiers come in different package styles;

  • Hybrids offer a high power density and come in packages that are hermetically sealed or cavity silicon sealed. They allow for use in applications where high reliability and robust performance are key design considerations.
  • Open frame products offer a platform based on insulated aluminium substrate to allow for excellent thermal conductivity and heat dissipation.
  • Power ICs are limited in terms of output current and supply voltage, but allow for maximum voltages up to 350V and output currents up to 1.25A, nevertheless. Packaging varies from very small PSOP and TO-220 packages, to the PSIP packages that are also used to house some of the hybrid amplifiers that Apex sells.

If you want to be optimally informed about the possibilities or would like to exchange ideas with a product specialist, please contact us.