Inpixon & Nanotron Technologies

Inpixon is bringing its Indoor Intelligence solutions, technology, and expertise to a global market. Inpixon's industry-leading RTLS products offer the tools needed to create a functioning RTLS, from sensors to modules to anchors, tags, beacons and more. Their best-in-class indoor hardware and software technologies serve as the backbone of your location-aware IoT solutions. Comprising both of our own powerful proprietary Inpixon sensors and tags as well as trusted third-party hardware, their technology leverages multiple RF standards to power many of your indoor intelligence use cases.

Smart, Innovative Indoor Technology & Hybrid Workplaces
Inpixon's Indoor Intelligence™ platform and patented technologies empower users to harness the power of indoor data to create actionable intelligence. Inpixon specialize in capturing, interpreting, and visualizing indoor data to make indoor spaces smarter, safer, and more secure. This multidisciplinary depiction of indoor data enables users to increase revenue, decrease costs, and enhance safety. Inpixon customers can take advantage of mapping, positioning, analytics, sensor fusion, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to uncover the untold stories of the indoors. Inpixon's technology leverages various RF standards, including Wi-Fi, BLE, Cellular and Ultra Wideband (UWB).

In 2020, nanotron was acquired by Inpixon. Recognized as an industry leader in the ultra-wideband (UWB) market, nanotron’s precision location awareness technology solutions enhance Inpixon’s offering and homogenize the positioning of people and assets, both indoors and outdoors. Together, nanotron’s solutions and Inpixon’s indoor data technology, sensors, video surveillance solutions, and GPS offerings, combine to deliver actionable indoor location data and intelligence. Nanotron is a leading provider of electronic location awareness solutions. If knowing what, where and when is mission-critical to your business, rely on nanotron with Location Running. Nanotron’s solutions deliver precise position data augmented by context information in real-time. Location Running means, reliably offering improved safety and increased productivity, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week: Location-Awareness for the Internet of Things.