Smart modules

Smart modules are small form-factor, ready-to-use, computing, controlling and communication devices which consists of application-agnostic hardware and software for developing an embedded product.

The smart module is an integrated solution compared with the discrete design approach that involves communication between the central processing unit (CPU), memory and modem in a printed circuit board (PCB) via buses.

Smart modules are smart because they are composed of hardware and software which together enable the functionality to be delivered in support of the specific IoT or other use case. The smartness comes from embedding many functions into a single module and ensuring these interact correctly, enabling intelligent outcomes.

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Smart modules are empowering IoT applications, removing technical limitations and help to accelerate time-to-market. Smart modules bring together multiple features required by IoT into a single module thereby removing the integration burden of bringing together multiple different functions.

Smart modules offer a wide range of interfaces. So they can support a broad range of functionality, from cameras to sensors to audio and video and beyond.