Test and Measurement

In the field of RF engineering, accuracy is crucial. Two vital tools are Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) and Antenna Radiation Measurement Systems (RMS). A VNA helps us to understand things like bandwidth, impedance and efficiency, enabling optimal antenna tuning.

The RMS measure radiated energy, gain, radiation pattern, beamwidth, polarization and have an impressive frequency range, extending up to 6 GHz. Without needing an anechoic chamber.

This versatility lets engineers accurately measure antennas in robust RF setups in various settings, making testing easier for advanced wireless systems and ensuring top-notch RF performance. These tools are indispensable for achieving excellent RF results.

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Wireless signal propagation

Test and Measurement - The whole tool chain with the VNA and RMS equipment

Compact, easy to use and affordable professional products. With the VNA and RMS equipment you are able to develop antennas and to verify their actual performance. You can get started right away. And everything in a practical and sturdy case with all accessories.

Measuring antenna radiation is no longer in the exclusive domain of high-end test laboratories - it can be performed with a compact system that has all of the hardware.

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