Displays and Embedded Computing

Display technology is changing quickly to meet industry needs, and engineers are essential for making the most of it. We offer a wide range of displays, including compact TFT, OLED, and E-Ink displays for battery-powered devices, as well as large information panels for extensive content.

By integrating capacitive touch-screen technology with high-end processors,we enable comprehensive application control within the systems. Embedded computing is driving innovation across industries, with System-on-Modules and Single Board Computers playing a crucial role. TOP-electronics helps customers gain competitive advantages in terms of performance, cost-efficiency, and shorter lead times.

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Displays and Embedded Computing

From interactive digital displays designed for bright outdoor-information systems, to rugged systems capable of withstanding extremes of operating temperatures in harsh conditions, TOP-electronics has optimum knowledge of every product supplied.

By offering a wide range of TFT LCD displays, OLED technologies, industrial displays, touch technologies, and embedded computing products has TOP-electronics the ability to offer customers significant performance advantages in the marketplace, together with significant cost and lead-time reduction.

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