TOP TECH TALK - How to select the right fan in an economic reliable way

November 5, 2020

TOP-electronics, your guide in the labyrinth of fans

It is well known that fans are often required to cool power electronics. But how do we determine what a correct fan is and that it provides sufficient cooling?

Q - What is the best method to select a cooling fan?

How do we determine the correct fan and how do we ensure that it provides sufficient cooling, with lowest power consumption, least noise and vibration, and longest lifetime?

A - There are several methods, each with their own restrictions and advantages

For the best choice the fan’s airflow, static pressure and the system impedance of the device need to be taken into account. All the above properties are interrelated and influence each other. This does not make it any easier to choose a fan.

In general, we see that 3 methods are used to determine the type and version of the fan:
  1. Evaluation of different fans
  2. Simulation of fans
  3. Calculation of required airflow and pressure

What method gives the best results and are there even better ways?
In TOP TECH TALK we illustrate this with examples and also explain the choices.


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