PA22 - latest high precision linear amplifier - Apex Microtechnology

September 1, 2020

Apex Microtechnology is pleased to announce our latest high precision linear amplifier, PA22.

This device establishes a new benchmark in performance for a variety of applications where speed and short-term power dissipation is a must. The PA22 provides a peak current capability of 13.6 amps, can handle a maximum supply voltage of 250 volts, and offers an internal power dissipation of 250 watts. Its novel design allows for easy and reliable mechanical mounting and thermal interfacing with industry standard heat sink techniques, also enabling strong performance even when socketed. This amplifier is equipped with output temperature sensing and current limit, providing users further control in its operation and system integration.

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• Up to ±110 V Power Supply 
• 12 A Continuous Output Current, Typical
• 250 W Continuous Power Dissipation at TC= 25 oC
• 4 MHz Gain Bandwidth Product

Piezoelectric Positioning



  • Focused Ion Beam Equipment
  • Inspection System
  • Lithography System
  • Test Instrument
  • Wire Bonder
  • Analysis Equipment
  • Vibration Cancellation


VariantTemp Range (°C)

Package Option

PA22-25 to 85

15-pin SIP LL