ATM33, Lowest Power Bluetooth 5.3 SoC with Energy Harvesting Technology - Atmosic

January 20, 2022

Atmosic adds to its award-winning portfolio, delivering high-performance IoT with a 3-to-5x longer battery life and battery-free solutions.

The world leader in energy harvesting wireless platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), unveiled the ATM33 Series Bluetooth® 5.3 family of high-performance system-on-chips (SoCs), further enhancing Atmosic’s patented advanced energy harvesting and ultra-low power technology.

To reduce the need for costly battery replacement in connected products and its associated environmental toll, Atmosic is supplementing its eco-friendly SoC portfolio with the addition of the ATM33 series of products that supports unparalleled battery life and battery-free operations.

The ATM33 SoCs provide best-in-class radio power performance with a 0.7mA receiver and a ground-breaking transmitter that can operate efficiently with output power from 0dBm to 10dBm. These solutions provide 3-to-5x longer battery life compared to the competition.

“Building upon our proven ultra-low-power radio technology and market success, we are enhancing the SoCs with the processing power of the Arm® Cortex-M33F, embedded non-volatile memory, as well as the latest Bluetooth standard,” said David Su, CEO of Atmosic. “With the launch of our new product family, Atmosic is supporting the strong growing demand for more environmentally friendly solutions to reduce the billions of batteries that are disposed of every year.”

The ATM33 series continues Atmosic's track record of innovation. The ATM33 integrates a power-optimized Arm® Cortex® M33F that can operate up to 64MHz and supports Arm TrustZone® for robust security. The new series has improved energy harvesting efficiency, a wider harvesting input range, a lower cold start voltage, Lithium-Ion battery support, and low-power voice processing.

In addition, the Atmosic Sensor Hub supports CPU-less operations, allowing the SoCs to perform functions such as access memory and transmit beacons even while in deep sleep. The ATM33 series is available in three packages: a 5x5 40-pin QFN, a 7x7 56-pin QFN, and a wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) for ultra-compact applications. Sampling available in Q1 2022.

Productinformation ATM33 Series -  Lowest Power Bluetooth 5.3 SoC with Energy Harvesting Technology

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