Atmosic is re-architecting wireless connectivity solutions from the ground up to radically reduce IoT device dependence on batteries. Their aim is to make batteries last forever and the Internet of Things battery free – thus breaking the power barrier to widespread IoT adoption.

The Atmosic team are innovators in Low-Power Wireless Communications and Battery Free IoT, having pioneered CMOS RF design over the past decades, has unique perspective and expertise in low-power wireless design. Atmosic approached the challenge of radically reducing battery dependence for IoT as “wireless agnostics,” in search of the most power-efficient way to solve the challenges associated with installing and maintaining billions of IoT devices such as beacons, controllers, and asset and fitness trackers, just to name a few. Many IoT applications require long range but need very little bandwidth capacity, transmitting data only intermittently.

Atmosic believes the advances of Bluetooth® technology with its latest iteration known as Bluetooth 5, offers the ideal wireless platform upon which we’ve built our inaugural solutions. The new Bluetooth 5 offers performance increases over legacy Bluetooth by 4x the range, 2x the speed and 8x the bandwidth. Enhancing this standards-based platform with their Lowest Power Radio they have achieved 10 times lower power in our Bluetooth 5-based products. Combined with their On-demand Wakeup their solutions are capable of 100 times lower power. With Controlled Energy Harvesting Atmosic can make the batteries in your devices last forever or be battery free. These order of magnitude decreases in power consumption, coupled with energy harvesting, will radically and positively change battery power dynamics for wireless IoT forever.

Atmosic’s innovations enable connected wireless devices to have forever battery life or to be battery free.