3-phase sillicon carbide power module with integrated gate driver - SA310 - Apex

March 9, 2022

SA310 - 3-phase sillicon carbide power module with integrated gate driver providing up to 3x 48kW of peak power (650 V, 80 A peak current)

The SA310 is a fully integrated three-phase driver designed primarily to drive Brushless DC (BLDC) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMSM) motors or DC/AC converters. The module uses Silicon Carbide MOSFET technology to improve efficiency over other devices in its class. Three independent half-bridges provide up to 80A peak output current under direct microcontroller or DSC control. SA310 is built on a thermally conductive, but electrically isolated substrate to provide the most versatility and ease in heatsinking.

The protection features include Under-voltage lockout (UVLO) function and active Miller clamping to reduce switching noise and improve reliability. Also included in the module are Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier free-wheeling diodes to improve performance under hard-switching conditions. No external output protection diodes are required. The SA310's integrated gate drivers provide transformer isolation between the inputs and high-voltage outputs.

650 V, ≥400 kHz Silicon Carbide 3-Phase Module

  • High continuous output current – 30 A
  • High supply voltage– 650 V maximum
  • Fast switching frequency – 500 kHz
  • Integrated with digitally controlled gate drive
  • Under-voltage lock-out and active Miller clamping

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Superior Switching Performance
By combining the gate drive and the Silicon Carbide MOSFETs within the same package, Apex was able to reduce parasitics, improving the module’s switching behavior. As a result, the SA310 shows superior switching characteristics even under fast rise and fall times, increasing efficiency while reducing dead times. The SA310 has been tested at frequencies of 500 kHz and rise/fall times of 50ns/30ns by Apex's engineering team with excellent switching characteristics.



SA310 Switching Behavior


Typical Applications
The SA310 driver module is ideal for circuit designs with high voltage, high current, and fast switching frequency requirements. A wide range of target applications include: motor drivers, variable frequency drives, DC/AC converters, power inverters, test equipment, and MRI main coil supply.

Typical Brushless DC Motor Circuit


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