Transflective displays

Transflective displays represent a unique class of display technology designed to address the inherent trade-off between readability in various lighting conditions and energy efficiency. These displays are engineered to combine the advantages of both reflective and transmissive display modes, making them well-suited for applications such as e-readers, smartwatches, and outdoor devices.

Transflective displays are capable to function in both reflective and transmissive modes. This dual-mode operation enables the display to adapt to different lighting conditions, providing enhanced visibility in various environments. In reflective mode, transflective displays rely on ambient light to illuminate the screen. They use minimal power, making them highly energy-efficient and ideal for outdoor use. Reflective displays offer excellent visibility in bright conditions, including direct sunlight. When light conditions are less favorable, such as indoors or in low-light environments, transflective displays can switch to transmissive mode. In this mode, they use a backlight to enhance visibility. This mode ensures that the display remains readable even when external light is insufficient.

To achieve the balance between reflective and transmissive modes, considerations as the dual-layer and pixel design and the backlight control need to be considered.

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