Ambiq is manufacturer of the lowest power microcontrollers in the market which are optimized for use in wireless sensors, IoT and voice-controlled products, activity & fitness monitors, remote controls, smart cards, wearables and other power-sensitive products where battery power is required. The products range delivers a highly integrated solution, with or without bluetooth connectivity.

Ambiq is leading the world in energy-efficient semiconductor design, redefining "ultra-low power" with its unique and proprietary technology Subthreshold Power-Optimized Technology (SPOT) platform. SPOT® revolutionizes the possibilities of EndpointAI by delivering the world's most energy-efficient solutions available on the market.

The ultra-low power Apollo MCUs, based on the SPOT™ platform, provide industry-leading power performance in both active and sleep modes, achieving battery-life ranging from weeks, to months and even years.

In the Selector Guide you can find an overview of the SoC features.