Trinamic Motion Control

Trinamic is the global leader in embedded motor and motion control. Their brand has become synonymous with precision, reliability, and efficiency. By approaching power-electronics design as building blocks - a microcontroller that accepts digital processing, a driver transforming digital signals into electrical power, and a driver that consists of the gate driver and power switches - Trinamic has simplified the development process, increasing both the reliability and quality of the results. Trinamic's ICs and microsystems connect the digital and physical worlds together.

Trinamic is developing ASSPs for motion control of fractional horse power stepper motors and brushless DC motors. Trinamics application driven approach means that customers do not need an in-depth knowledge about motors nor about DSPs or control circuitry in general. 

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Trinamics mechatronics approach – the integration of electronic control, system thinking and precision mechanical engineering – attempts to achieve an optimal balance between the mechanical structures, in this case the motor, and its overall control. For instance, the TMC246 stepper motor driver IC eliminates the need for external components and sensors: the motor is the sensor. Trinamics motion control solutions are designed for the use in industrial automation, robots, office automation, consumer electronics, automotive applications.