Thermal Management

All electronic systems generate excess heat, necessitating effective thermal management. This is vital for engineering applications. Thermal management solutions empower R&D teams to maintain temperature control and to extend component longevity. And to enhance the reliability and performance of their systems. It encompasses several key components including heatsinks, thermal washers, thermo-electric coolers, forced air systems, fans, heat pipes, peltier devices, and cooling fans.

In extreme low-temperature environments, it may be essential to provide additional heating to ensure optimal electronic component operation. Our offerings include axial and centrifugal fans, both splashproof and dustproof, boasting IP54, IP55, and IP68 ratings.

A range of OEM Thermal Camera Cores for integration into your system are also part of our product portfolio when temperature needs to be visual in for example Test & Measurement, Security Surveillance, Public Safety, Outdoor Recreation and IoT applications.

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Thermal Management

All electronic devices and circuitry generate excess heat and thus require thermal management to improve reliability and prevent premature failure. The amount of heat output is equal to the power input, if there are no other energy interactions. In cases of extreme low environmental temperatures, it may actually be necessary to heat the electronic components to achieve satisfactory operation.

TOP-electronics is able to provide (splashproof and dustproof) fans, heatsinks and thermal washers.

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