Ultrasonic Transceivers Featuring IP67 and IP68 Ratings - CUI Devices

July 28, 2022

Featuring industry-best lead times, CUI Devices’ new ultrasonic transceivers carry expanded beam angles from 7 up to 80 degrees, distance ratings from 0.03 up to 15 meters, and high frequency ratings up to 400 kHz. Housed in compact, aluminum cases, these ultrasonic transceivers also offer through hole, wire leads, and wire leads with connector mounting styles. With IP67 or IP68 ratings as well as combined transmit and receive functions, these models are the ideal ultrasonic sensor solution for distance measurement, object detection, and proximity sensing.


  • IP67 or IP68 ratings
  • Frequency ratings up to 400 kHz
  • Distance ratings from 0.03 m ~ 15 m
  • Beam angles from 7° ~ 80°
  • Operating temperatures from -40 ~ 85°

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