Ultra-compact, industrial grade LTE Cat 1 bis wireless communication module - Quectel

March 27, 2023

The industrial grade EG800Q-EU LTE Cat 1 bis wireless communication module. An ultra-compact module in an LGA form factor, the EG800Q-EU offers greater flexibility in IoT designs and enables a wider range of IoT use cases, particularly for size-sensitive applications.

Based on the Qualcomm® QCX216 LTE IoT Modem from Qualcomm Technologies Inc., the EG800Q-EU is an LTE-only module for customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel markets with LTE FDD band coverage of B1/ 3/ 5/ 7/ 8/ 20/ 28. The module delivers a maximum downlink data rate of 10Mbps while enhancing battery life, critical for a variety of high-performing IoT applications including smart utility meters, asset trackers, e-mobility, parking meters, and home automation.

The EG800Q-EU’s support of Cat 1 bis allows it to use a single antenna, balancing cost and performance and making the module an ideal solution for IoT terminals that are designed to be compact and cost-effective.

The EG800Q-EU has a compact form factor of 15.8mm × 17.7mm × 2.4mm, enabling integrators and developers to design size-sensitive applications easily. Its advanced LGA package enables fully automated manufacturing for high-volume applications.

The EG800Q-EU also provides a rich set of Internet protocols, and industry-standard interfaces including USB 2.0/ UART/ I2C/ PCM/ USIM, extending the suitability of the module to a variety of IoT applications such as asset management, remotely managed access control (RMAC), and smart grid. Additionally, the module supports DFOTA to enable automatic firmware upgrade and integrated Wi-Fi positioning services when there is no GPS signal indoors.

Quectel offers a variety of high-performance LTE Cat 1 antennas, to help customers to facilitate their designs, which boost wireless connectivity significantly. IoT developers can bundle the EG800Q-EU module with Quectel’s antennas and pre-certification services, reducing both cost and time-to-market for their Cat 1 devices.



  • LTE Cat 1 module
  • LGA form factor
  • 15.8mm × 17.7mm × 2.4mm
  • Max. data rates: 10Mbps DL / 5Mbps UL
  • Extended temperature of -40 °C to +85 °C


Key Features
  • LTE Cat 1 module optimized for M2M and IoT applications
  • LTE-FDD coverage
  • Supports DFOTA
  • Single antenna
  • LTE module in compact size
  • Supports Wi-Fi Scan