Timed switching according to centralized specifications - W&T

January 9, 2023

Time switch in the network

The Web-IO 4.0 Time Switch lets you control switching signals according to a calendar file (iCal format / *.ics). The calendar files can either be loaded into the Web-IO via the web interface or the Web-IO can use an online calendar (Google,l Apple iCloud or similar) to independently invoke the switching times. The four switching channels can also be used as an input. Changes to the inputs can then for example be forwarded via email or FTP or displayed directly in the browser.

Switching signals:

  • 4 channels:
    • Can be used optionally as inputs or outputs
    • 24V technology
    • Switching currents up to 500mA
    • 32-bit pulse counter


  • Intuitive Web interface for simpler operation
    • Select between German or English
    • Switching the outputs directly from the Web interface
    • Adaptation for smartphone
    • HTTP and HTTPS
  • Alarm and reporting functions:
    • Email as alarm or state indicator
    • HTTP requests for controlling third-party devices
    • FTP for logging switching events
    • Up to 30 actions can be configured
  • Dynamic integration into other Web sites:
    • Direct access to current states via HTTP requests, AJAX and JavaScript
  • Additional software interfaces for incorporating into your systems/databases:
    • TCP server
    • FTP (data logging)
  • Internal clock
    • Time synchronization using time server calibration
    • Battery-backed device clock
  • Possible applications:
    • Remote monitoring and fault messaging
    • Cross-location switching
    • House and building automation
    • Light, gate and cabinet control