TFT displays with curved lens and coating technologies - Yeebo

July 10, 2023

From the days when displays used to fill a fraction of the user interface area, TFTs are now taking a significant section of the front panel surface thanks to increasing pixel resolutions and touch-sensitive cover lenses that have displaced mechanical knobs and switches. Cover lenses, bonded directly to TFT or embedded in touch systems, have played a key role in expanding designers’ creativity.

However, while flat surfaces and straight angles are commonplace, new designs crave 3D curves and freeform shapes to maximise user interaction and ergonomics.

As a leading manufacturer of TFTs modules and One Glass Solutions (OGS) touch panels, Yeebo has added design and manufacturing expertise in curved cover lenses projects through collaboration with industrial designers, customers and worldwide partners. Whilst dashboards in electric cars and motorcycles have adopted curved cover lenses quite earlier, applications taking advantage of this trend have extended to personal care and medical devices, ticketing and entertainment systems, portable instrumentation and telecommunication.

Specific surface treatments of the cover lens complement every customised project, be they either an anti-reflection coating for optimum sunlight readability, an anti-smudge treatment for smooth finger operation, or an anti-microbial coating for safe touching. With in-house and outsourced capabilities Yeebo is well placed to recommend the perfect surface coatings for each target application environment.

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