Standalone LoRa module with high-performance - Quectel

January 10, 2024

KG200Z is a high-performance LoRa module launched by Quectel, which supports ultra-low power consumption and long-range wireless transmission applications. It integrates an ARM Cortex-M4 core with the modulations of LoRa,(G)FSK, (G)MSK and BPSK, supporting LoRaWAN standard protocol and 470–510MHz, 862–928MHz LoRa frequency bands. Additionally, it incorporates AES hardware encryption for enhanced security. KG200Z features a compact form factor of 12.0mm × 12.0mm × 1.8mm and an LGA package to ensure seamless embedding of the module into size-constrained applications and reliable connectivity for these applications.

KG200Z connects to IoT devices via wireless internet from a local to a worldwide network, which offers secure end-to-end communication, mobility, and localized services for IoT applications. It has the advantages of strong anti-interference, high sensitivity, stable network connection, good transmission performance, low cost and easy deployment, and can be used across a diverse range of applications such as smart locks, door sensors, gas and water leak detection, pet tracking, indoor air quality sensors, HVAC monitoring, smart parking and traffic monitoring, utility metering, waste management, air quality monitoring, as well as asset management tracking.


  • High-performance standalone LoRa module
  • LGA form factor
  • 12mm × 12mm × 1.8mm
  • 0.56g
  • Operating temperature of -40℃ to +85℃
  • Long transmission distance: 2–5km in towns, 10–15km in suburbs
  • Ultra-low power consumption (1.7 μA in deep sleep mode)
  • LoRa modulation technology, high receiver sensitivity (-138 dBm)
  • Compact profile of 12.0mm × 12.0mm, cost-effective
  • Stable network connection, strong anti-interference, strong penetration, reliable data transmission
  • Easier soldering and testing process with LGA package
  • Multiple interfaces

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