Single chip 9-axis sensor for sensor-enabled IoT devices - BNO086 - CEVA Hillcrest Labs

March 9, 2022

A single chip 9-axis sensor with embedded sensor fusion that enables rapid development of sensor-enabled robotics, AR, VR, and IoT devices

The BNO080/085/086 is a 9-axis System in Package (SiP) which enables rapid development of sensor-enabled Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Robotics and IoT devices. Co-developed by Bosch and Hillcrest Labs, it features a high-performance accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope with a low-power 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ MCU in a small package. Hillcrest’s sensor hub software pre-integrated on the BNO085 provides exceptional 9-Axis and 6-Axis motion tracking to enable exciting sensor applications in diverse consumer and IoT products.

For new designs, Hillcrest Labs recommends customers consider using the BNO086. The BNO086 is backwards compatible to the BNO080 in fit, form, and function; there are no changes required in software or operation of the part for current designs. The BNO086 simply adds a new capability which allows operation with future application specific external software libraries provided by Hillcrest Labs. The first such library provides additional advanced capabilities for use with VR controllers.

The BNO080/085 provides application specific configurations, features, and performance in a small turn-key component that benefits OEMs through faster time-to-market, reductions in development time and BOM cost, and delivering the highest precision and quality.


  • Powerful and highly configurable 9-axis SiP that can add precise motion sensing into any consumer application
  • Realize design flexibility with small SiP form factor and multiple interfaces (I2C, SPI, and UART)
  • Maintains sensor performance over temperature and aging affects with dynamic calibration
  • Fit any application requirement with output customization


Main Features

  • MotionEngine™ 9-Axis and 6-Axis Sensor Fusion
  • Dynamic calibration adjusts for accelerometer and gyroscope bias changes over factors like time and temperature
  • Application-specific features with configurable modes specialized for various use cases
  • Activity tracking with classification of walking, running, standing, in-vehicle, on-bike
  • Intelligent Power Management using activity classifiers and wake-on-motion
  • Utilize host-side libraries to add functionality in AR/VR and Attitude Monitoring
  • Flexible control via I2C, SPI or UART Interfaces

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