Scalable solutions for High-Power Stepper Motors - TMCM-1278 - Trinamic

February 11, 2020

The TMCM-1278, as well as the PD60/86-1278 PANdrive™, offers the complete solution for driving and controlling high-power stepper motors with a state of the art feature set.

The TMCM-1278 module and the PD-1278 PANdrive is a smart motor solution offered in NEMA24 and NEMA34. Controlled via CAN bus interface, it supports Trinamic’s own TMCL firmware and CANopen for ease of use. Encased in a special housing enclosure, the products are perfect for lab automation, manufacturing and factory automation, robotics, and CNC machines that require high-power stepper motors of up to 9A RMS with a supply voltage of 12..48V DC. As for holding torque, the PANdrive versions offer up to 7.0Nm (PD86-3-1278).

With the minimum amount of assembly and programming required, the TMCM-1278 and PD-1278 allow for easily scalable systems. Depending on the use case, they can quickly be added or swapped without changing the system design. All you need to do is connect a cable and you’re ready to get started.

Making sure even the bigger NEMA34 motors operate as quiet and precise as possible, each product features StealthChop™ for silent operation at low speeds and standstill and SpreadCycle™ for operation at higher speeds. Together with the integrated SixPoint™ ramp generator and microstepping, the 1278-series brings industry-leading motor and motion control to powerful stepper motors.

Besides the industry-standard protocol CANopen, Engineers can also opt for the TMCL version which allows for stand-alone operation using the TMCL mini-PLC, programmable with the free and easy to use TMCL-IDE™. For additional monitoring of the drive, the I/Os can be used as general-purpose inputs or ABN encoder inputs.

Features and benefits

  • Supply Voltage: 12…48V DC
  • Current per motor phase: 9A RMS
  • CAN bus interface with TMCL or CANopen protocol
  • Integrated SixPoint™ ramp generator
  • Trinamic’s unique feature set including StealthChop, SpreadCycle, Coolstep, and StallGuard



Datasheet TMCM-1278
Datasheet PD60/86-x-1278