Multi-function 5 in 1 antenna - Medusa 5G antenna - 2J70 & 2J71 series - 2J Antennas

February 23, 2021

Streamlining the transfer between 4GLTE and 5GNR is a critical step in the evolution of new products. To aid this transition, 2J Antennas is introducing the newest innovation in their long line of proven antenna solutions: the Medusa 5G antenna series.

The multi-function 5-in-1 antenna delivers 5G/4G LTE/3G/2G cellular MIMO, WiFi MIMO and GNSS technologies, making it ideal for applications that require high performance connectivity, precision, reliability, and usage flexibility, all in one compact housing package.

This series is designed with a Neodymium magnetic base, the strongest magnet in the world. This setup makes it perfect for temporary or permanent installations.

The antenna housings are manufactured with the highest quality materials. This offers durability and stability in heavy duty applications. Fully waterproof and extremely reliable against dust, high temperatures and impact resistance make this configuration the first choice for rugged outdoor environments.

Available with magnetic, screw and pole mounting options.

Get more details on the 2J70 & 2J71 Series by asking our team about antenna integration & customization.

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