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June 11, 2020

Although air quality should not only play an important role in times of acute threats from highly infectious viruses, special attention is paid to this. According to the current state of knowledge, a significant proportion of corona infections are caused by aerosols, tiny liquid droplets. We release these microparticles into the environment when breathing, laughing, speaking and of course when coughing. Due to their low weight, they can remain in the air for long periods of time and contain potentially infectious viruses.

According to the current state of knowledge,regular and intensive ventilation is an important component in combating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. With the W&T Web thermometers for VOC and CO2, you record and monitor the indoor air quality and send alarm notifications when the air quality falls below a critical value. In this way, you will be notified if you forget to ventilate.

Web-IO CO2 - 57721 - Monitor air quality

Web-IO CO2 is a network-capable measuring instrument for detecting carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air.

For long-term, continuous detection of the CO2 concentrations it is equipped with an internal data logger, and the measuring data can be sent to the W&T cloud as well. The alarm function sends messages when configurable limits are exceeded.

The measuring range of 0-10,000 ppm is suitable for monitoring the indoor air in schools, daycare centers, retirement homes and office buildings. Applications from agriculture and horticulture include stall climate detection and greenhouse monitoring.

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Web-Thermometer Air Quality - 57728 - Monitor air quality

On-demand ventilation control in office buildings, schools, education and centers and sports facilities often involve measurement of CO2. But a drawback of CO2 measurement is that odors caused by VOC are not detected, since they have only a slight effect on the CO2 measurements.
Even though there is an actual ventilation need, this condition is not detected using traditional technology. With this VOC measuring instrument the room air quality can be determined based on human perception.

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