Magnetic Audio Indicator Buzzer with a built-in driving circuit - CUI Devices

May 11, 2020

Indicator Buzzers with Tight Frequency Tolerances - Improved Tone and Sound Consistency

CUI Devices’ magnetic and piezo indicator buzzers with built-in driving circuits feature rated frequencies of 2400, 2700, or 4000 Hz and tight frequency tolerances of ±100 Hz. This narrow frequency range gives designers added frequency stability that is not affected by temperature or voltage, while providing more consistent tones and sounds in their given application. Offering sound pressure levels of 80, 85, or 88 dB at 10 cm, these magnetic and piezo indicator buzzers are a highly reliable solution for medical, smart home, and security applications that require tone consistency.


  • Tight frequency tolerances of ±100 Hz
  • 2400, 2700, and 4000 rated frequencies
  • 80, 85, and 88 dB SPLs
  • Magnetic and piezo technology
  • Built-in driving circuits

Available Products

CMI-9605IC-0380T9.6 mm3 Vdc80 dB
CMI-9605IC-0580T9.6 mm5 Vdc80 dB
CMI-1295IC-0385T12 mm3 Vdc85 dB
CMI-1295IC-0585T12 mm5 Vdc85 dB
CMI-1295IC-1285T12 mm12 Vdc85 dB
CPI-1375IC-80T13.8 mm12 Vdc88 dB