Jerky or fluid movement and navigation? - CEVA Hillcrest

January 12, 2023

In applications where it concerns movements (such as robot vacuum cleaners, smart remote controls or VR glasses) people want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Nothing is more annoying than a jerky cursor or VR experience. To make everything as true to life as possible, CEVA-Hillcrest has developed the MotionEngine software with its own sensor fusion algorithm.

MotionEngine is CEVA's core software for sensor processing and is the brain of the BNO, FSP and FSM hardware product lines. The software combines highly accurate 6- and 9-axis sensor fusion, dynamic sensor calibration and many application-specific functions such as cursor control, gesture recognition, activity tracking and AR/VR stabilization. These so-called IMU sensors offer with the 6-axis FSP200 accelerometer and gyroscope functionality in 3 directions and with the BNO085/86 series a 9-axis version with additional magnetometer. For fast data processing, a 32-bit Arm Cortex M23-MCU is used, creating a product with excellent performance and high quality/price ratio. What are the possibilities of the MotionEngine software?

1. Correction Smoothing: corrects orientation drive slowly and transparently to the user for head and body tracking;

2. Auto-Centering: dynamically renews the sound image in 3D audio applications based on the user's gaze direction;

3. Tilt Independent Heading: ensures reliable directional output even with uneven driving surfaces;

4. Inclination Detection: provides full 3DOF robot orientation;

5. Dynamic Calibration: proprietary algorithms monitor changes in sensor performance and temperature during operation.

The BNO085/86 has a built-in sensor, unlike the FSP201, which works with external sensors. Several low-cost MEMS sensors from leading vendors are pre-qualified; the drivers are already integrated to accelerate development and ensure supply chain flexibility. The FSP201 easily fits into any design and uses industrial I2C and UART interfaces for chip connectivity. It can be mounted directly on the pcb of the intended product or housed in a separate module.

The FSP201 is code-compatible with the BNO08X Series 9-Axis System in Package products, allowing developers to easily migrate to a 6-axis FSP201-based solution or take advantage of CEVA's sensor fusion technologies in new product lines that do not require 9-axis sensor fusion.

With the installed Hillcrest Labs MotionEngine sensor fusion software, CEVA offers in the form of the BNO085/86 and the FSP201 products covering a wide range of applications, including robotics, PCs, motion controllers, hearables, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D audio, wearables, smartphones and IoT devices.

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