High-performance MCU Bluetooth module for compact connected devices - HCM511S - Quectel

April 19, 2024

High performance MCU Bluetooth module to power low energy compact connected devices - HCM511S

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of the HCM511S high-performance MCU Bluetooth module for compact connected devices such as digital keys, portable devices and battery-operated motion sensors. Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy 5.4, the module accommodates an ARM Cortex-M33 processor and features built-in 32KB RAM and either 352KB or 512KB flash memory to deliver efficient performance.

The HCM511S module features excellent receiver sensitivity, a maximum transmit power of +6 dBm to achieve long distance transmission and has been designed to enable compact, low-power devices to connect cost effectively. Measuring just 16.6mm x 11.2mm x 2.1mm, the HCM511S is in the ultra-compact LCC form factor in order to optimize size and cost for end-products. Ideal applications for the HCM511S include sports & fitness devices, PC peripherals and accessories, healthcare applications including blood pressure and glucose metering, indoor navigation, digital key, connected lighting control and smart home and smart building applications.

Everything from digital keys to barbecue thermometers, heart rate monitors and smart locks can be supported by the HCM511S.

For battery-powered devices such as Bluetooth remote controls or electronic shelf labels, the high-power efficiency of the module will be an added benefit.”

embedded world HCM511S press release

Critically, the HCM511S module offers the option of support for Bluetooth mesh network low-power nodes. This enables increased network scalability and node counts over mesh topology, enabling greater device density to be enabled. The module offers up to 18 GPIOs which can be multiplexed for various interfaces including ADC, USART, I2C, I2S, SPI and PWM to maximize developer design options.

Connecting via a PCB Bluetooth antenna, the high-performance product operates in industrial grade operating temperature ranges of -40 °C to +85 °C and weighs just 0.57g. The HCM511S is certified for use in Europe, America, Canada, China, Australia and New Zealand and is also a qualified Bluetooth product by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

The module also supports Secure Vault®, an enhanced secure engine for a higher level of IoT security. Quectel’s IoT modules are developed with security at the core. From product architecture to firmware/software development, Quectel incorporates leading industry practices and standards, mitigating potential vulnerabilities with third party independent test houses and have incorporated security practices like generating SBOMs and VEX files as well as performing firmware binary analysis into the entire software development lifecycle.


  • BLE 5.4 module
  • LCC form factor
  • 11.2mm × 16.6mm × 2.1mm
  • 0.57g
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C

Engineering samples of the module are currently available.

Contact the TOP-team for more information about the HCM511S.