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Small size makes a big difference, DEGSON connectors contribute to a sustainable future!

How to use high technology to help environmental protection work has become an important issue in people's thinking.

Robots are playing an active role in environmental protection and pollution control:

First of all, in terms of monitoring and governance, robots have shown their unique role and value with the help of accurate monitoring, comprehensive prevention and efficient governance. In terms of monitoring, the application and progress of products such as drones, unmanned ships, and underwater robots have improved human environmental inspection capabilities. They can go deeper into the front line of danger more fearlessly, and can also use the blessing of big data and artificial intelligence to improve the comprehensiveness, accuracy and efficiency of environmental monitoring. In terms of governance, the continuous emergence of cases such as sanitation robots sweeping garbage and underwater robots dredging rivers has also made pollution control easier.

At present, robots are mainly engaged in dangerous, harmful, toxic, low-temperature, high-heat, and high-intensity work in place of humans in industrial production, outdoor operations, and special urban activities. These robots are often exposed to harsh environments, with environmental threats such as dust, oil, and extreme temperatures.

When it comes to robot performance, the importance of the correct connector selection cannot be overstated. As advances in robotics have largely focused on accomplishing more delicate and sensitive tasks, there is a need to integrate the appropriate type of interconnectivity. Power and signal connections are most common in today's robotic equipment. Connectors must be very small and lightweight to withstand extreme environments without compromising performance.

In order for the robot to be widely adaptable to various complex application environments, high-quality connectors are essential. DEGSON specially develops and produces heavy-duty connectors and circular connectors for harsh and harsh application environments, and adapts to applications in the era of intelligent industry with excellent environmental performance.

Small and precise

With the development of science and technology, industrial connectors have begun to develop in the direction of integrating power, signal, and vibration resistance, high temperature resistance, and plug resistance, making the function of the connector more compact and perfect.

DEGSON heavy-duty connectors are compact and small-volume DQ series, which can reasonably utilize the effective space and have a compact layout. Compared with the standard series, the installation space can be saved by 30%-40%. In order to meet the demand for miniaturization of robots, and at the same time reduce production costs and save space for robots.


High-speed transmission

Thanks to 5G high-speed transmission technology, the intelligent production of robots has greater flexibility, and operating and management costs are reduced. Compared with the simple mechanical interconnection in the past, the characteristics of high speed and low latency of 5G technology determine that industrial connectors need to begin to undertake the task of high-speed signal transmission to ensure safe communication in robot operations.

DEGSON M12 X-Code Connectors achieve excellent signal integrity by isolating four signals. With 360° full shielding, it achieves the best signal performance and meets Cat5e and Cat6a transmission requirements. Ideal for 1GB to 10GB Ethernet applications. Vibration-proof, corrosion-resistant, and IP67 water-resistant. Ideal for wet and harsh environments.


Connect intelligently

In order for robots to achieve more flexible movement and operation, and move towards true "intelligence", the collaboration and empowerment of connector technology is crucial. As the basic hardware of the Internet of Everything, the connector undertakes the tasks of signal and power supply in all scenarios.

DEGSON M23 circular connectors have a protection level of up to IP67, are resistant to vibration, and can ensure high product reliability in harsh environments. Easy installation, cross-manufacturer compatibility and global versatility.

Compact size, various combinations, 360° full shielding, excellent vibration resistance, effective anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance. Products are divided into two categories: signal and power. It is mainly used to solve the problems of complex lines, many transmission types, and easy interference in the more complex industrial automation control field.


As robots continue to develop towards flexible deployment, efficient production, and intelligent learning, DEGSON provides reliable connection products for the industry, and meets industry performance requirements and user-specific requirements with more durable products and more flexible customized services.