D&E Event 2021 - Design Automation & Embedded Systems - Netherlands

October 7, 2021

During the annual Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event, developers and users of embedded systems share knowledge of the latest technologies and exchange views and experiences with colleagues. This year's D&E event will take place in a hybrid why at Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven. The exhibitors offer you an interesting lecture program with specific themes on this day, which you can attend physically or digitally at your choice. TOP's lecture is about being always and everywhere connected.

D&E Event 2021 Wednesday 10 November Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven

Connected anytime, anywhere...
Wireless IoT devices can run their lives on a single battery, or even without it.

The majority of IoT devices are powered by one or more batteries. In order to reduce the use of batteries or even to operate without battery, there is a solution by implementing two technologies within super-efficient SoCs with Bluetooth, which ensure that the transceiver uses much less energy, not only when transmitting and received, but also at rest.

Batteries are not always handy: you have to keep an eye on whether they still supply enough voltage and make maintenance efforts to replace them. This is no mean feat, especially for large-scale projects. Moreover, due to the increased popularity of these IoT devices, more and more industrial and business processes are also dependent on them; sudden outages can then cause costly downtime.

Being able to completely eliminate the battery from a product is only possible if there is enough energy available and thanks to the super-efficient SoC with Bluetooth 5, energy can be taken from the environment and IoT devices can run on a single battery for their lifetime. you don't even need a battery!

Register for a fully catered day full of interesting lectures about the latest technologies and possibilities, during the D&E event 2021, Van der Valk hotel in Eindhoven. Please use the relation code: DE21-TOP

We look forward seeing you on the 10th of November in Eindhoven!