Control switching signals via TCP/IP Ethernet with Web-IO 4.0 230V Relay - W&T

April 1, 2021

Switch remotely...

Using the 57838 Web-IO 4.0 230V Relay 4xNO, 4xCO you can control 230V switching signals via TCP/IP Ethernet. There are numerous Web and network services available for switching up to 6A with the eight integrated relays - even directly from the browser or from a smart phone.
Using protocols such as MQTT ( Message Queue Telemetry Transport )and REST the Web-IO is an ideal fit in the world of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Switching signals:

  • 8 switching outputs:
    • 4 x potential-free normally open contacts for 230V mains
    • 4 x potential-free changeover contacts for 230V mains
    • Switching currents up to max. 6A


  • Intuitive Web interface for simpler operation
    • Select between German or English
    • Switching the outputs directly from the Web interface
    • Adaptation for smartphone
    • HTTP and HTTPS
  • Current Industry 4.0 protocols:
    • REST and MQTT support
    • AMQP on request
  • Box-to-Box
    • Pass switching signals over the network 1:1
  • Alarm and reporting functions:
    • Email for alarm sending or as status report
    • SNMP polling / alarm traps
    • Switching your outputs in alarm situations
    • Switching the outputs on another Web-IO
    • HTTP requests for controlling third-party devices
    • Up to 12 actions can be configured
  • Dynamic integration into other Web sites:
    • Direct access to the contacts via HTTP requests, AJAX and JavaScript
  • Additional software interfaces for incorporating into your systems/databases:
    • OPC
    • Modbus TCP
    • Syslog
    • TCP and UDP sockets, client and server
    • FTP (data logging)
  • Internal clock
    • Time synchronization via time server calibration
    • Battery-backed device clock
  • Possible applications:
    • Cross-location switching
    • House and building automation
    • Light, gate and cabinet control

Power supply:

  • External power
    • Screw terminal
    • 230V AC (50Hz)

Standards & more

  • Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:
    • High noise resistance for industrial environments
    • Low noise emission for residential and business areas