420W PoE open frame power solutions with 14 CMF forced air cooling - FSP

June 30, 2020

With the increasing demand for the environment and high resolution of the Internet of Things, various smart scenarios (such as smart factories, smart transportation, image recognition systems, etc.) powered and transmitted through the Ethernet switch (PoE Switch), plus the installation of surveillance security appliances such as NVR (Network Video Recorder), greatly improve the convenience and safety of work. In order to satisfy the expandability for high specification PoE switches and NVR, high-powered PoE power supplies were created.

FSP launched the FSP420-2F47-A54H dual-output open frame power supply with 14 CMF forced air cooling and a conditional maximum output power of 420W; it is suitable for PoE switch and NVR applications. FSP420-2F47-A54H adopted the Class-I design with 12V/50W and 54V/370W output, as well as built-in over-temperature protection. This product will obtain IEC 62368-1 & UL 62368 certifications.

FSP continually develops dual-output PoE open frame power supplies and currently has six power supply products available for selection. Please contact us for more possibilities and questions.



Product Features:

  • Dual outputs: 12V (50W maxi.) & 54V (370W maxi.)
  • Dimension: 4” x 7.5” x 1.44”
  • Isolated 500Vac between PE and RETURN
  • Surge protection ±3 KV diff, ±6 KV com
  • High altitude 5000 meters operation
  • OTP, Brown-out protection