Enclosures & boxes for electronics

Multi-Purpose enclosures, boxes & cases for housing all types of OEM electronics equipment. Enclosures, boxes and cases for electronics are used to enclose, contain, or to provide protection for electrical, electronic, or mechanical components in several applications. There are different types: desktop enclosures, hand held enclosures, outdoor IP65 rated and outdoor IP67 rated, rack mount enclosures, utility enclosures and wall mount enclosures.

The desktop enclosures come in a wide variety of sizes. The units can be used for desktop electronics, communications and networking equipment. Hand Held enclosures are devices that are available in all shapes and sizes and are protective cases for electronic instruments and controllers. They are designed for remote control and mobile applications. Handheld enclosures can fit comfortably in your hand or pocket. The plastic weatherproof outdoor enclosures are IP65 or IP67 rated and suitable for outdoor environments or may be used for industrial applications.

Rack Mount enclosures are ideal enclosures for rack mount or stand alone applications. The utility enclosures are durable, rugged boxes in varying sizes used in an industrial environment. Mounting options are available in this series. The wall mount enclosures can be mounted by flanges vertically or horizontally depending on the application of the unit. These enclosures are ideal for housing electronics used for systems and controls.

Enclosures, Boxes, & Cases are available at TOP-electronics from industry leading manufacturers. TOP-electronics is an authorized distributor for enclosure suppliers as PacTec and W&T.

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