Crystal oscillators

A frequency controlled product as crystal oscillators are the heart-beat of almost every electronic application. At the heart of a crystal oscillator is a piezoelectric crystal, often made of quartz, that vibrates at a specific resonant frequency when an electrical voltage is applied. This inherent property of quartz crystals allows them to act as stable and highly accurate frequency references.

A crystal is a product from nature, and when you tune it correctly and you supply a little electronic energy to it, it will start giving very constant pulses over and over again. The size, the form and how it is tuned, determines the frequency it can supply. Crystal oscillators, with their stable and accurate reference frequencies, are essential for modern technology, ensuring precise communication, measurements, and efficient electronic systems. Popular frequencies that are used are 32.678kHz, used for Real Time Clocks and watches. 4MHz, 10MHz, 16MHz and 20MHz are used in multiple ways, meanly to control microcontrollers and processors. 25MHz is often for FPGAs, and WiFi applications. 100MHz and above for RF, high speed communication etc.

TOP-electronics delivers high quality and high reliable products. The range is from crystal oscillators up to very high accurate OCXO and VCXO’s (temperature and voltage controlled oscillators).

So, for your next LoRa, BlueTooth, or ARM-cortex design, consult TOP-electronics for a good alternative for frequency controlled products.