TOP-electronics provides products that are typically integrated for the medical and healthcare market, most of them in hospitals and elderly homes, but also as bodily implant, machines at fitness center and devices at home.

► MRI scanners ► Patient monitoring
► Ultrasonic therapy ► Glucometer
► Analysis Equipment ► Medical pumps

Nowadays, there is an explosive growth and demand to develop innovative solutions to improve our everyday lives and making healthcare devices more user-friendly. We focus on smarter components and modules offering low-power, high performance processing and connectivity to collect vital health information.

TOP-electronics offers displays, power supplies, connectors, embedded computers and analog solutions for a wide variety of medical and lab applications. Needless to say is that power consumption, noise production, radiation as well as maintenance aspects are very strict of demands on machines and electronics deployed within it. Our products find a wide field of application in scanning devices, bed-side consoles, laboratory, testing and measuring equipment and more.