Automation is an indispensable tool that can increase productivity and support manual processes. Imitating experienced human hands requires steady, smooth motion.

Applications for the laboratory (pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical) industry have special requirements. Speed and capacity requirements vary, but high dynamics and close tolerances are common needs across all applications. In addition, providing laboratory workers with a friendly work environment requires that for example motors operate at low noise levels with easy-to-use and simple user interfaces. 

► Centrifugation ► Liquid handling
► Microscopy ► Samplers
► Thermometers and PH meters ► Incubators

Laboratory-scale centrifuges are used in chemistry, biotech, and clinical medicine for isolating and separating liquids. Liquid-handling solutions are engineered to mimic the very trait that defines liquid material - fluidity - and support microplate handling that is more efficient and accurate than even the most skilled laboratory technicians can provide.

When value is measured in microliters, even the slightest movements carry very real risks. In lab-microscopy, jerky motion leads to higher worker fatigue, increased stress and decrease of concentration.