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June 14, 2022


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The time has finally come!
Save the date 21 ~ 23 June 2022

Do we see you in Nurnberg, Germany?

From 21-23 June 2022, the global embedded community will reunite at the embedded world Exhibition & Conference. We can hardly wait to welcome you.

You definitely don’t want to miss this event where TOP-electronics and other international exhibitors present the latest products within the categories Internet of Things, hardware, software and systems engineering, safety & security, system-on-chip design, embedded vision and much more.

We would love to see you in hall 5, booth166
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Chirp Spread Spectrum _ CSS - RTLS - TOP-electronics

Chirp RF Technology, an RTLS technology for location tracking & ranging - Inpixon

Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS), also known as chirp, is an RTLS technology that has been in the industry for 20 years and is known for its unique capabilities in location tracking and ranging.

Chirp works by using time difference of arrival (TDoA), two-way ranging (TWR), or a combination of both - making it a powerful 3-in-1 solution for ranging, communication and tracking. It’s best known for its ability to be used indoors and outdoors, its resilience against radio-frequency interference, its long ranging abilities and cost effectiveness.  

Read more about four key use cases where chirp can be used to optimize industrial operations.

Optimizing industrial operations with chirp

SSM1ST2420HC - 1 axis stepper motor controller board

1 axis stepper motor controller board - SSM1ST2420HC - Summit Electronics

The SSM1ST2420HC is an one axis small form factor Motion Controller Module and 2-phase bipolar stepper motor with a high torque and has sophisticated features like an ultra low-noise chopper mode, and a programmable stall guard.

Furthermore the SSM1ST2420HC offers a range of features, among which: a CAN bus, 2 optically isolated inputs, 2  isolated outputs, 1 analog input , an onboard hall sensor and an encoder input and it is suitable for daisy chaining.

The SSM1ST2420HC can be controlled and configured by the onboard STM32-Cortex M0 microcontroller.

SSM1ST2420HC - 1 axis stepper motor controller board

SiC Half-Bridge Power IC, 650 V, 32 A

SiC Half-Bridge Power IC, 650 V, 32 A  - SA111 - Apex Microtechnology

For the SA111 Apex Microtechnology created a leading-edge package design with Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, expanding the boundaries of thermal efficiency and power density in analog modules.

The SA111's Silicon Carbide MOSFETs enable the device to withstand higher thermal stress, managing junction temperatures of up to 175°C. The SA111 SiC power IC offers a fully integrated solution allowing for increased device control and protection, featuring an integrated gate driver, under-voltage lockout, and active miller clamping. 

A wide range of target applications include magnetic bearings, motor drive, sonar, test equipment, server-fans, Power Factor Correction (PFC), and AC/DC and DC/DC converters. 

SiC Half-Bridge Power IC, 650 V, 32 A

57753 SIP Ring Switch - TOP-electronics

SIP Ring Switch - 57753 -  W&T

Open barriers, doors or gates remotely?
Trigger alarms by switching signal lamps, horns, bells or sirens?
Control outdoor lighting? One call is enough with the 57753 SIP Ring Switch.

Voice-Over-IP has been an established communication standard for years. The advantage of this technology is that telephones, PCs and other end devices can work in one and the same network. No matter which network socket a telephone is plugged into - it automatically registers with the telephone system and can be used immediately at the respective location.

The SIP ring switch registers with the telephone system like an IP telephone. It can represent several extensions at the same time.

SIP Ring Switch 4xOut


GNSS module, supporting Dead Reckoning - L26-DR

GNSS L26-DR series - Quectel

With the L26-DR Quectel has a competitive GNSS module, which supports Dead Reckoning. The L26-DR measuring 12.2mmx16.0mmx2.3mm is ultra-compact design, it is easily integrated, Ultra-Low power, and has excellent sensitivity.

Because this module supports GPS, GLONASS, Bei Dou, Galileo and QZSS it is visible for multiple satellites and so time-to-first-fix is reduced enormously and improves positioning precision.

This module is ideal for industrial applications.

GNSS module, supporting Dead Reckoning - L26-DR

FSP201 - Sensor Hub MCU - TOP-electronics

Sensor Hub MCU - High Precision Motion Tracking & Orientation Detection - CEVA

CEVA is launching a new product in their Sensor Fusion product line. The FSP201 is a new Sensor Hub for high precision motion tracking and orientation detection. It is a low-cost MCU targeted for robotics, XR, 3D audio & general 6-axis motion applications. 

The FSP201 is optimized for consumer applications using industry standard interfaces and supports low power applications. When combined with a selection of pre-qualified 6-axis IMU sensors, customers will have flexibility to meet their supply needs. 

Key features include correcting orientation drift for head and body tracking in XR and 3D audio products, accurate robotic heading output for navigation and overcoming obstacles, and dynamic calibration used to handle variations in behavior and the environment. 

FSP201 - Sensor Hub MCU

MicroCore - small and light shutterless thermal camera - TOP-electronics

MicroCore - small and light shutterless thermal camera - Seek Thermal

Micro Core is a high-performance thermal sensor in a market-leading size footprint. Designed for small form factor, low power and lightweight applications, the Micro Core delivers high-end thermal capabilities, accuracy and performance that is unmatched in its price range.

Key Specifications
200 x 150 Sensor Resolution
61​° and 81​° Field of View
< 8 x 11 x 9mm (L x W x H)
-20C to 300C Detection
<9 Hz Frame Rate

MicroCore, small and light shutterless thermal camera

Technical support @TOP-electronics

Did you know that the TOP support team can support with al kind of technical support?

For example with measuring & optimizing your RF circuit by using the VNA-0460e in our lab environment. This VNA  is a full bi-directional 2½-port Vector Network Analyzer that is controlled from a PC through a USB connection.

This VNA is ideal for measuring all kinds of micro-circuits like antennas, attenuators, amplifiers etc. Its frequency range includes most popular telecom bands like LTE, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GNSS/GPS, ISM, and many more.

Measuring and optimizing your RF circuit is very important for overall device performance but it can be a difficult task.


That is why TOP-electronic’s support team is here to help!

Contact us for all kind of technical support via


Contact TOP for Technical Support

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Let us know when you have an idea. We would love to support!

Embedded World, Nurnberg, Germany, 21 ~ 23 June 2022

Embedded World 2022, Germany, Nurnberg


Do we see you at the Embedded World?

TOP-electronics - Partner of high-tech world leading suppliers


Hall 5, booth166 with our Co-exhibitor


Inpixon's Indoor Intelligence™ platform and patented technologies empower users to harness the power of indoor data to create actionable intelligence.They specialize in capturing, interpreting, and visualizing indoor data to make indoor spaces smarter, safer & more secure.
Inpixon customers can take advantage of mapping, positioning, analytics, sensor fusion, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to uncover the untold stories of the indoors.

An example of one of the modules of Inpixon is the Compact, Low-Power, Chirp Radio and Sensor Module, the Inpixon Swarm Chirp

The Inpixon Swarm Chirp (formerly swarm bee LE V3 ) is a 2.4 GHz Chirp Spread Spectrum module, suitable for a variety of IoT implementations.

The small 22 x 23 mm form factor, low power consumption, long-range transceiver including embedded accelerometer and temperature sensors, along with a low external component requirement, make the Inpixon Swarm Chirp an ideal choice for personnel, equipment and asset tracking products, where indoor or outdoor location sensing is critical.

Relative position is derived via the module-to-module direct ranging feature, without the need for additional infrastructure. Tags based on the Inpixon Swarm Chirp when deployed with the nanoANQ anchors and IoT Platform, provide the most comprehensive Real Time Location System (RTLS) on the market today.

With a built in on-board microcontroller (MCU), a 2.4 GHz RF Chirp transceiver, 3D accelerometer and temperature sensors, and universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART), the Inpixon Swarm Chirp module drastically cuts the time-to-market. Just add a battery, antenna and a housing, and it is market ready. It also comes with a complete API command set eliminating firmware implementation needs.



WoTS, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 27 ~ 30 September 2022

We love to see you in hall 9, booth B052

TOP-electronics is one of the gadget sponsors, the WoTS parrot

WoTS 2022 - Utrecht - World of Technology and Science