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July 12, 2022


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ARK-X everyword Ultra Far-Field Dev. kit - TOP-electronics

Everyword Ultra Far-Field Evaluation kit - ArkX Labs

The Everyword Dev is Amazon AVS qualified and comes with build in speaker and 6 mics , included software stack and enclosure, This Development Kit is therefore the perfect starting point for adding Voice control to your application.

It allows testing and validation of your own voice-enabled products using advanced voice solution to mitigate risk, reduce development costs and accelerate time-to-market.

The voice capture capabilities extend up to 9+ meters in far field operation. Even in noisy and reverberative environments.

And the additional interfacing options of the internal I.MX 8 host processor allow additional hardware to be connected as well as offer support for WiFi 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.1.

The Everyword ecosystem also supports Google assistant, Baidu, Houndify, as well as the option to set a custom wakeword.

Captures voice commands:
- from across the room >9 meters
- in noisy and reverberative environments
- during loud music/movies
- unique ability to discriminate and suppress speech from TV

Adding voice control to your application?

AMAP42KP-KBR, Apollo4 Plus MCU, 146-pin BGA, 105 GPIO

Apollo 4 (Blue) Plus – Low Power System-on-Chip - Ambiq

The Apollo4 Plus is the 4th generation system processor solution built upon Ambiq’s proprietary Subthreshold Power-Optimized Technology (SPOT) platform. The Apollo4’s complete hardware and software solution enables the battery-powered endpoint devices of tomorrow to achieve a higher level of intelligence without sacrificing battery life. The Apollo4 Plus is built on the 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with Floating Point Unit (FPU).

With up to 2 MB of MRAM and 2.75 MB of SRAM, the Apollo4 Plus has more than enough compute and storage to handle complex algorithms and neural networks while displaying vibrant, crystal clear, and smooth graphics. If additional memory is required, an external memory is supported through Ambiq’s multi-bit SPI and eMMC interfaces.

The Apollo4 Plus SoC has the lowest dynamic and sleep mode power on the market which allows designers of next generation wearables and smart devices to take their innovative products to the next level.

- High-Performance Arm Cortex-M4 Processor with FPU
- Up to 192 MHz clock frequency
- Floating Point Unit (FPU)
- Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
- Ultra-Low Supply Current
- 4 μA/MHz executing from MRAM (with cache)
- Low-power sleep and deep sleep modes with selectable levels of RAM/cache retention

Apollo4 (Blue) Plus SoC

HCK2261 Series sub-miniature HCSL output oscillators - TOP-electronics

Sub-miniature Differential HCSL output oscillators - EuroQuartz

The HCK2261 Serie is a sub-miniature HCSL oscillator providing a differential output with no PLL artifacts in the design.

- 2.5x2.0x1.0mm package
- Femto second integrated phase jitter (200fS)
- Superior Phase Noise -138dBc/Hz at 10kHz and -144dBc/Hz at 100kHz
- No PLL artifacts
- Supply voltages 1.8/2.5 and 3.3V ±5%

PCI Express [PCIe]/ Data Storage Systems /Ethernet Line Cards/ Serial ATA Express [SATAe]/ Intel and Nvidia Chipsets Network Servers / Switches and Routers /Set-Top Boxes/DVRs

Sub-miniature HCSL output oscillators


LC76G - GNSS module - TOP-electronics

GNSS module, LC76G - Quectel

The LC76G GNSS module of Quectel increases the number of visible satellites, which reduces time to first fix and improves accuracy. This GNSS Low Power (GLP), makes the LC76G achieving high performance with low power consumption.

The Multi-GNSS engine ensures fast and accurate fix in any environment. This module is ideal for consumer and industrial applications, and a preferred solution for power-sensitive applications. It is compatible with the L76 and L76-LB modules.

- GPS, GLONASS (or BeiDou) and QZSS
- Industry-leading sensitivity:-166 dBm during tracking & -147 dBm during acquisition
- Integrated LNA improves sensitivity
- Embedded multi-tone active interference canceller for anti-jamming
- Supported interfaces: UART and I2
- 10.1mm × 9.7mm × 2.4mm
- 0.3g
- Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C


Low Power GNSS module

Low noise DC fan - San Ace 80 - 80x80x38mm - TOP-electronics

80 × 80 × 38 mm DC Fan with the Lowest Noise in the Industry - Sanyo Denki

The San Ace 80, 9RA type DC fan is ideal for cooling power supply equipment, measuring instruments, and other applications that require particularly quiet operation. 

When comparing to existing model the noise level has been reduced by 3 dB(A), which means an audible noise reduction of 50%(!) 
The power consumption has been reduced by 25.5%, making it very energy efficient.  

The product lineup is available in a wide variety in different 12/24/48 voltage, cooling performance, noise level, and PWM control. This allows users to choose the most suitable one for their applications.

DC Fan 80×80×38 mm

The last exhibition of 2022 that TOP-electronics attends is the World of Technology and Sience.

During other exhibitions in Europe we were so glad to be able to have personal conversations again. And we would love to meet you and have a conversation with you!

Will we see you at the WoTS and share thoughts about new features?

Can we help you with your design or improve your application with the latest components & modules of our high-tech world leading manufacturers.

Let us know when you have an idea. We would love to support!

WoTS - World of Technology and Science - Utrecht, Netherlands,
27 ~ 30 September
Hall 9, B052

WoTS Gadget, the parrot

WoTS parrot gadget
TOP-electronics is one of the gadget sponsors and therefore one of the booths where you can collect an item for this gadget.

Please register quickly, when you want to collect this limited edition!

During the WoTS we can explain more about the following demo's:

  • Thermal Cameras
  • Displays
  • Endurance fans
  • Counter rotating fan 40CRB

Personalised pen
It is possible to personalise a TOP-pen with a laser machine.

We love to see you at the WoTS

WoTS 2022 - Utrecht - World of Technology and Science


Save the date!

In 2023 TOP-electronics will at least attend the following exhibitions:

Embedded World - Nurnberg, Germany
14 ~ 16 March

PCIM - Nurnberg, Germany
09 ~ 11 May

Advanced Engineering - Antwerp, Belgium
24 ~ 25 May

Electronics and Applications - Utrecht, The Netherlands
26 ~ 28 September

TOP-electronics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company

TOP-electronics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company

We have recently become an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

The TOP-electronics team is happy and proud to have reached this milestone.

This certification shows that we control and continue to improve the various processes and thus guarantee our quality.

ISO 9001:2015 certified company

TOP-electronics is partner of high-tech world leading suppliersTOP-electronics is partner of high-tech world leading suppliers