Northern Mechatronics

Northern Mechatronics Inc. is TOP’s supplier offering certified ultra-low power LoRa and BLE modules. Northern Mechatronics Inc. (NMI) was founded in May 2017 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with a core expertise in RF and antenna design.

Northern Mechatronics uses their world-class expertise to offer component solutions for the IoT space to accelerate time-to-market without compromising on performance. In addition, they provide research and development services ranging from component-level design using their core technologies to complete product design through their team and dedicated partners, as TOP-electronics. Northern Mechatronics's vision is to help people build successful wireless products. Enabling developers and teams - even ones without RF expertise - to build successful wireless products without compromising quality and performance.

NMI's modules are designed to maximize performance, including superior wireless range, battery life and processing power. The are designed as a turnkey solution to accelerate your development, guaranteed to get you to market faster. And they are designed with quality in mind from the start, rigorously tested and manufactured by high-quality partners.