Goermicro focuses on the independent research and development and design of MEMS-related products. The company has the industry-leading core technologies of chip design, packaging test, voice algorithm, system application in the field of MEMS sensor.

The company has achieved industry-leading technology level in the field of MEMS sensor and SiP, and developed chips with independent intellectual property rights, which enables the company to maintain strong core competitiveness. Goermicro is headquartered in Qingdao and has set up sevaral manufacturing centers and R&D and business development centers all over the world.

Goermicro and TOP-electronics can provide the following products of  MICs, Sensors and SiPs (System in Package):

MIC --> Voice interaction modules   ECM microphones   MEMS microphone   Self-design chip    
Sensor --> Pressure sensors   Combo sensors   Waterproof pressure sensors   VPU   1dTOF
SiP --> Piezoelectric parts   Bluetooth modules   Integrated GNSS modules   UWB modules    

Goermicro is part of Goertek Microelectronics Inc. a semiconductor company focusing on the research and development, production and sales of MEMS devices and microsystem modules. They can provide customers with one-stop product solutions of “chip + device + module”. The products are widely used in consumer electronics, such as smart phones, smart wireless headphones, tablet computers, smart wearable devices and smart home, as well as automotive electronics.