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Connectors and Cables

Connectors and cables are crucial in industrial electronics, facilitating communication and power distribution. Engineers use tailored solutions like board-to-board connectors, RJ11, RJ45, audio jacks, HDMI, USB, SMT spacers, Wire to Board, and Sim card sockets.

Data cables enable real-time monitoring, while power cables meet global standards. RF cables ensure precise wireless communication. Customized solutions guarantee performance and reliability in challenging industrial environments, driving innovation and efficiency. TOP can provide custom, precision solutions based on your quantity requirements.

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Connectors and Cables

TOP-electronics has a large stock of industrial connectors and cables wit reliable connections and compatible. If you did not find what you were looking for, please let us know. Depending on quantity and specifications tailor-made precision connection and cable solutions can be created.

The connectors and cables we offer are used in a variety of demanding environments, including industrial control systems, telecommunications, test- and measurement systems and medical applications.

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