ArkX Labs

ArkX Laboratories is a leading provider of advanced far-field voice-capture technology. Their next generation of advanced, high performance far-field voice capture solutions, featuring by Cirrus Logic and NXP technology, are Amazon pre-qualified and production ready.

This provides Fortune 500, OEMs, and start-ups who want their own branded, voice-enabled IoT products and smart devices, with the ability to reduce their development time and costs, and accelerate their time-to-market, while mitigating the risk. ArkX is on a mission to develop and transform a unique technology into a platform-based service with an accompanying array of related products. 

From pre-engineered advanced performance solutions and custom integrations to voice qualification services and streamlined manufacturing, ArkX Labs can help get your ideas and IOT products to market… faster

Watch the EveryWord™ Far-field Voice Recognition demonstration of ArkX’s and it’s ability to suppress background noise and capture voice