5G modules

5G modules connect IoT devices to cellular networks, with ultra-high data rates and ultra-low latency - enabling applications as diverse as remote surgery, autonomous driving, virtual reality gaming, AI-driven smart manufacturing and robotics.

5G enables data rate several times faster than LTE-A - typical download speeds for 5G modules. 4.2Gbps in standalone mode, 5Gbps in non-standalone, and 7.5Gbps using mmWave - and 5G is forecast to rise to around 100 times faster than LTE-A over its lifetime, meaning near-instant retrieval of vast quantities of data. This enables for instance smart factories with high-res cameras and realtime video analytics to monitor almost every facet of their business, driving efficiency and innovation.

Network slicing allow sectors with widely divergent needs to occupy their own individual corners of 5G networks, ensuring service delivery at the highest level without interruption. Consequently, for example, smart vehicles will be able to support ultra-reliable connectivity for mission-critical on-board services such as safety telematics, while keeping passengers entertained with the latest streaming multimedia.

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