An electrical switch is a device that turns an electric current either on or off. They come in thousands of styles, sizes, and ratings, while encompassing an even larger number of features, specifications, and footprints.

Tactile switches
A tactile switch is a momentary action device whose operation is perceptible by touch. This tangible feedback gives some assurance to the user that the switch has operated and a signal has flowed.

DIP switches
A DIP switch is a dual in-line package switch (it consists of a series of switches in a single unit). It is an electromechanical device requiring a user to manually move the actuator so that a different electronic circuit is activated or deactivated. Commonly mounted on a PCB or breadboard, DIP switches allow users to quickly preconfigure or toggle an electronic device between a variety of settings or operating modes.

Slide switches
A slide switch is a mechanical device that is commonly used for controlling an electrical circuit. It utilizes a simple sliding action to move the switch from an open position to a closed one, or vice-versa. As maintained-contact switches, slide switches remain in one state until manually actuated into another state.

Push button switches
A push button switch is a mechanical device used to control an electrical circuit in which the operator manually presses a button to actuate an internal switching mechanism. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations, depending on the design requirements.

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